Work and business

Starting a business

Haapavesi provides information on how to start a business in the region. We offer:

  • consultation on planning and starting your own business
  • consultation for companies on different issues of financing and how to apply for funding and other forms of support
  • analysis of a variety of financing options
  • assess business ideas
  • help dealing with licenses and permissions.

All the necessary information, consulting and services relating to entrepreneurship can be obtained by contacting us directly or +358 044 7591 300.

Where to find work?

You can contact employers directly, keep an eye on advertisements in newspapers and look for jobs online on websites that provide employment services. You can find links to vacancies by entering ”avoimet työpaikat” into the text field of a search website. Many web pages for jobs allow you to fill in and send a job application and to enclose your CV. Vacancies posted to the TE office can be found on the website of TE Services. You can also download a job search (Työpaikkahaku) mobile application that will submit all vacancies posted to TE services to your phone.

North Ostrobothnia TE Office (Pohjois-Pohjanmaan TE-toimisto) serves all jobseekers online, by telephone and at six service points. You can visit Employment and Economic Development Office in Ylivieska (Valtakatu 4, 84100 Ylivieska).

A national TE telephone service provides information, guidance and advice on TE services and support for using online services. The service is available Mon–Fri from 9:00 am – 4:15 pm.

Service in Finnish: +358 295 025 500
Service in Swedish: +358 295 025 510
Service in English: +358 295 020 713
Service in Russian: +358 295 020 715

Distances and transportation

Oulu 123 km (airport, railway station, port, bus station)

Ylivieska 45 km (railway station)

Oulainen 35 km (railway station)

Kokkola 125 km (airport, railway station, port, bus station)

Kajaani 130 km (airport, railway station, port, bus station)

Nivala 38 km (golf course)

Finnish national road 4 30 km (either from Pulkkila or Kärsämäki)





TELEPHONE: +358 447591300


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