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ف ريوس كورون ا الجدي د

بالعدو ى اإلصاب ة من منك واملقرب ن نفسك اح م

البيت ي ف مريض لك قريب ترعى أو مرض ت إذ ا


فيدي و كورون ا ف ريوس ع ن معلوما ت


و منهم والمقرّب ر ي للمصاب ر ي كورون ا ف ريوس عدو ى عن معلوما ت


Yle أخبار




Welcome to the official webpage of Haapavesi. The webpage shows the life of our town; here you can find the necessary information on all the services, the potential and development priorities of the town.

Looking through the pages of the official website you can learn a lot of new and interesting things!  

Haapavesi offers comfortable environment for living, remarkable opportunities for leisure and recreation and welcomes new inhabitants and visitors of the town.

It is great to live in our town and enjoy the simplicity and joys of life! Close proximity to nature, wonderful location (within 30-40 km there are other towns to live and rest in); multifaceted and diverse educational opportunities for children, young people and adults provide solid foundation for the flourishing and safe environment. There are also different services for leisure, cultural events and free time providing conditions for full and quality life. The town "marches in step” with entrepreneurship and promotes business development supporting and creating conditions for new businesses. The town is active in developing different services and improving resiliency of the region.

Enduring faith and pride for our history means capacity to build future. We are building our future in Haapavesi!

Dear visitors and inhabitants of Haapavesi! Should you have any questions or problems in purchasing housing, getting placed in a kindergarten, school or college, please contact the responsible person for customer services by phone or e-mail. We will do our best to make your stay and your life in our town as comfortable as possible.




TELEPHONE: +358 (0)8 45911

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