Sports and culture

Haapavesi provides a large variety of leisure activies all year round from football to hockey and from theater practise to violin courses. The beautiful nature offers a perfect background for open air events during the summer. Abundance of lakes and picturesque landscape provide ideal opportunities for hiking, fishing and other hobbies. Below are listed some of the different activies that can be enjoyed in Haapavesi.


Sports field with running tracks and football field

Swimming hall Lakkuuni

Outdoor swimming in Kylpyläsaari, Kokkoranta and Huikarinniemi

Ice rink

55 kilometres of lighted skiing trails

Korkattivuori nature trails (5, 7 and 13 km)

2 private gyms

Sports hall for badminton, volleyball, basketball, floor ball, squash, futsal, archery and tennis

Frisbee golf course

Baseball field

Beach volley ball court

Playgrounds for children

Horse riding

Rowing and canoeing

Hunting and fishing

Paintball at the Korkatti Villa

Shooting range

Haapaveden urheilijat (Haapavesi Athletes) organizes different activities (ice hockey, football, baseball, trail orienteering, skiing clubs, as well as sports camps for children and adolescents), competitions and events for all ages.


Haapavesi is famous for its colourful music culture.

The largest cultural and well-known event of our town is the annual Haapavesi Folk Music Festival, which takes place at the end of June. Information about the festival, artists, courses for teachers, musicians, photo stories can be found here.

The second most popular cultural event is the annual Night of Arts held at the end of summer, which consists of a diverse program.

Haapavesi also has an active theater and dancing scene. The theater studio and dance school offer residents and guests of the city to enjoy a variety of productions an performance. Cultural center Kirnu is situated in the restored old milk processin plant. In addition to dance and theater performances, it is also possible to organize concerts, lectures and private parties, corporate parties, jubilees and holidays at Kirnu. It has 82 seats in the auditorium, a stage, cozy cafe in a heated glass terrace, a foyer and dressing rooms.

Haapavesi library is situated in the town center, equipped with all modern equipment. It offers literature, newspapers and magazines, audiovisual materials and information services. Employees of the library can help you find and use information. The library is usually open on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm.

Youth Center organizes a variety of activities and events (discos, exhibitions, parties, etc.) for young people. The premises are equipped with computers, game consoles, billiard tables, board games and a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking.




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